We will be switching back to Square Appts on 01/01/19. We will no longer use Booksy.

Cancellation Policy

Any appointments that are not cancelled  3-hours prior to the initial appointment will be considered a  "No-call, No show". "No-call, No-shows" are subjected to a $5 fee at your next appointment or via an emailed invoice. If this policy is violated twice in a row, any further appointments made will be cancelled until the fees are met. Fees may be paid via invoice or in-person. Cancellations is the clients responsibility to CALL (727)902-2955 or to cancel via link in the client's confirmation text or email they received. 

If you've received a confirmation for a cancellation on your behalf, but is still receiving a notification of an upcoming appointment, please provide our staff with the  cancellation confirmation email or text to waive the fee.

Please be mindful that our staff are all independent contractors and do not receive hourly pay, taking an appointment space and failure to arrive will reflect negatively upon us.

Freshies Barber Studio cancellation policy is considered "lenient" compared to our competitors and we hope you will help us be efficient by doing your part.

*****Each individual barber may have their own ADDITIONAL guidelines regarding cancellation.*****