We are still taking precaution during COVID-19. Please review the changes.

We are only accepting 10 appointments per day as we are only using a fresh laundered cape per guest due to how contagious COVID-19 is. Capes are limited currently.

We are allowing only one guest in the shop at a time unless it is a parent with a child or a caretaker, the door will be locked during the service.

There is a 15 minute buffer time in between services unless its the same family group for proper sanitation. Disinfectant needs proper contact time for full effect. If you arrive early and see someone walk out, please wait until we are done sanitizing before coming in.

If you are visibly sick, you will not be serviced and will be asked to reschedule your appointment when you are well. Let's all be responsible to do our part to not continue the spread. 

**We are wiping down our stations, chairs, door handles, registers and anything that has been in contact and am immediately disinfecting tools for proper sanitation time. We are also mopping in between each guest.

We are working on getting an air purifier in for maximum quality.

Thank you for choosing Freshies Barber Studio. 

For some regulars who have been laid off during the pandemic or have been financially affected, we pushed some points towards redemption status for discounted services. Please check your status. We are also allowing our guests to transfer their points to someone they know who needs it! (Pay it forward)

Freshies Barber Studio

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Christy Lai (Barber/Owner)

Christy Lai (Barber/Owner)

Christy Lai (Barber/Owner)

There are "early days" and "late days"

to accommodate all individuals who are more active during those times.



Christy Lai (Barber/Owner)

Christy Lai (Barber/Owner)